Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The best pictures of the premiere of Suicide Squad

Monday was held the premiere of Suicide Squad at the Beacon Theatre in New York, where heattended the entire cast of anticipated movie supervillain, composed Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne and Joel Kinnaman. 

Suicide Squad is one of the most anticipated films of the year and can be seen worldwide starting inthe Proxio Aug. 5. 

Zach Snyder mentioned in an interview that all members of the squad were captured by Batman.Affleck just have a cameo in this film, but both Harley Quinn and the Joker will appear in future installments of the new Batman franchise and will also have their individual films. 

The event will start at 6 pm in New York and was broadcast streaming via the social network Twitter. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

In the southern regions of China hit typhoon "Nida"

"Nida" already called the most powerful typhoon in the past 30 years. On the coast of Guangdong Province announced the highest level of flood risk. Typhoon brings heavy rains and gale-force wind. His speed in the epicenter reached 42 meters per second.

School closures do not work industry, completely stopped traffic on the railways. Element has made adjustments in the schedule of air harbors. The Hong Kong International Airport canceled more than 150 detained and nearly 300 flights.

Russia should be friends, the question of the ownership of the Crimea in the past - a new application of Donald Trump

Moscow and Washington should join efforts in the fight against banned in many countries, including Russia, the grouping of LIH. Such an opinion was expressed by US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump at a meeting with supporters in Ohio. He also noted that such a union, which prevents the creation of a short-sighted policy of the current US government, could enter other states.

We were talking about the Crimea. Earlier in an interview with ABC, BBC Trump said that the issue of the peninsula accessories already in the past. Here he developed his idea.

"You want it back? You want to get World War III to get it back? They say that Donald Trump does not exhibit stiffness in relation to Russia. But would not it be helpful if we have established relations with Russia? Would not it be great if, together with Russia and other states, possibly together with NATO would be able to get rid of the "Islamic state"? Would not it be great if the United States and Russia together have got rid of the IG and would do other useful things? "- Said Donald Trump.

US media, meanwhile, discussed personnel changes in the election headquarters of Trump. Billionaire fired his senior political adviser. Ed Brukoveru told that his services were no longer needed. Why - it is not officially reported. But the decision was made immediately after the publication of new opinion polls data. As it is now Trump loses to Clinton. The former first lady of the United States currently supports 52%, Trump - only 43%. A week ago, Trump was ahead.

Switzerland officially informed Brussels about the refusal to join the EU

The country withdrew its application for accession, which was filed nearly a quarter of a century ago - the spring of 1992. That same year, the authorities held a referendum in which citizens voted against joining the European Economic Area.
Since the document is, in fact, lay motionless, and now a point above and apart completely. Switzerland will develop its relations with the EU, but as an autonomous state. Explanation is simple: according to the majority of citizens of the Confederation, the accession to the European Union would jeopardize national sovereignty.

In the UK, the cats of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Foreign Affairs fight

The fight on the steps of the residence of the British Prime Minister hit the lens of cameras of journalists. Its members - the chief mouser 10 Downing Street cat Larry and Palmerston located at the British Foreign Service. Eyewitnesses say that the animals fought for life and death.

Clutching each other, they rolled on the ground, and on all sides flying pieces of wool. When the fighters finally, to separate, it appeared that both the cat limping, and they scratched muzzle. This is not the first run-in Larry and Palmerston, but earlier they are usually limited to only a "conversation in a raised voice."