Thursday, March 15, 2018

Errors that cost us a lot of money when we travel

The first thing we have to say to ourselves in the mirror is that: we may be paying more when we organize a trip, and especially when we are on our way.

For this reason, veteran travelers and industry experts have wanted to warn us about certain hidden fees that we must take into account the next time we leave the nest, looking for an appetizing vacation.

According to an article published by Reader's Digest , travel expert and blogger Elizabeth Blasi recommends taking an extra time to review the most popular reviews about tourist places, before clicking on the "book" button.

Blasi says that while many sites such as Expedia and make it super simple to define an itinerary, many charge up to three times more than others that also offer the exact service.

"Read the comments on TripAdvisor or on Yelp, call the travel company directly and see what's included in your tour," he says. One should also compare the cost of renting a car if you want to travel to a place of interest, to determine if it is better to hire a driver for the entire day.

These are some common mistakes and times when it is very likely that we are paying more:

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Brad Pitt: A year without sex after his divorce from Angelina Jolie!

The actor Brad Pitt bets for a whole year of celibacy without having sexual relations after his mediatic divorce of Angelina Jolie. Now that Brangelina is history, Brad wants to put his life back on track.

After the separation of Brangelina , Brad Pitt does not raise head. The actor is 54 years old and completely closed to love ... and sex! Brad focuses on maintaining a balanced life so he will not sink or fall into a bad life now that his ex-wife is already looking the other way.

Pitt's routine is based on going to the gym assiduously and keeping his mind at peace thanks to meditation. This technique helps you sort out your thoughts and focus on what is really important.

The British tabloid The Sun gathers the testimony of an informant who knows Brad and who follows his new lifestyle closely: "Bras is totally focused on himself and his well-being. He has slimmed down, eats totally healthy and has banished alcohol away from his new life and his diet. "

Paula Echevarría and David Bustamante reach a divorce agreement

The 'BustaPaula' finally divorce officially and leave behind the relationship from which their daughter Daniela was born. After playing a lot of misleading, finally Paula and David have reached a joint separation agreement.

The break between Paula Echevarría and David Bustamante was not a secret. Since the beginning of last year the couple was not well and rumors of separation haunted them even if they tried hard to deny it.

After some other attempts to fix it, I suppose that for all the years of coexistence and for his daughter Daniella, it could not be. Now, the magazine Lecturas announces that Paula and Bustamante have finally reached a separation agreement.

The fact has occurred this week and is that the issue that most faced the former marriage was money. Finally, an agreement has been reached between both parties on a legal level and now they can make their divorce official.

For the time being, no more details have been disclosed about the divorce agreement but, according to what was speculated last year, the custody of her daughter would be shared. While waiting for the official statement that, perhaps, comes to light these days by the representatives of the artist and the socialite, it is clear that BustaPaula are already history.

While David does not know him new girlfriend, Paula has already turned full page with his new partner, the footballer Miguel Torres who even knows little Daniella . Is it maybe too fast? The truth is that Paula is already looking for land to build what will be the new family home.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How to achieve the cheapest airline tickets: 7 tips to save

It is no secret that the volatility of prices when buying a plane ticket is reminiscent of the whirlwind of buying a share in the stock market, with prices that change very frequently.

While the airline business and new technologies have revolutionized ticket purchasing processes, there are practices that give good results when caring for money while traveling.

Before, when airlines were few, making a reservation at the last minute was the best trick to save, since airlines needed to sell their empty seats urgently. That changed a lot with the numerous low cost airlines. Now the ways to search for savings are a bit more sophisticated.

Consider these seven tips the next time you buy plane tickets.

Better day and time to buy

A recent Expedia study shows that when we travel we spend more than expected. If you want to save on your flight, skip a few minutes of your obligations and buy the ticket on a Tuesday, as at 3:00 PM, Eastern time. Why? Many airlines release discounts that day early and that's when the competition starts. If you give some time to get on the peak of offers, at mid afternoon there are low prices after 4:00 PM. they will have vanished.