Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

15 best Minecraft tattoos

Minecraft tattoo is a secret message to a like-minded community of obsessive fans that can’t stop creating. If you’ve been wanting to show your love for Minecraft but weren’t sure how, use these tattoo design photos as ideas

Hottest Female Politicians in The World

Who is the most sexy female politicians in the world? From which country? I believe from Romania. What is your opinion?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Agustina, the younger sister of the Castro dies

Agustina del Carmen Castro Ruz, younger sister of Fidel and Raul Castro, died Sunday in Havana at age 78, according to confirmed today to Efe his sister Juanita Castro, Who has lived in Miami for 52 years.

Juanita Castro, 83, learned of the death of Agustina by her other sister, Emma, ​​who lives in Mexico.

Although he expressed his regret and sadness over the death of Agustina, he emphasized that he decided not to travel to Cuba to attend funerals.

"Unfortunately things (the political situation) have not changed, I have neither the spirit nor the willingness to go there," said Juanita Castro, who has not returned to Cuba in 52 years and does not think she will do it again, He said.

Juanita Castro did not speak about the causes of her sister's death, but did so in a statement before a newspaper in Miami (Florida, United States), in which she said that Agustina, who was "very sick and very depleted" , Died of complications from a hip fracture.

Juanita Castro, author of the book "Fidel y Raúl, My Brothers, The Secret History" (2009), in which he did not save criticism of his revolutionary brothers.

WhatsApp - 2 minutes to erase it and that is not seen by the recipient

For weeks, there has been talk of a new WhatsApp feature that will allow users to delete messages that have already been sent. Only a few have been able to enjoy this novelty, which is in beta and is only available in the trial versions of the popular messaging app. But soon it will be able to count on her in any of the more than one billion mobile phones in which she is installed.

And thanks to the WABetainfo website , which specializes in analyzing the new versions of WhatsApp, we know how this system of 'repentance' will work. Those who want to delete a message that has already been sent will have a margin of two minutes to do so. After that time will always be available on the screen of the recipient.

The new erase system allows you to delete text, images and video that has been sent. Once deleted, the content will disappear forever, since WhatsApp does not store anything that your users send. If it has been a video or a photo, it will remain on the sender 's mobile spool if you have the app set up to save this type of content.

The system to delete the message will be very simple: just click on it and a new option will be displayed that will allow deletion , just as now the option to resend or bookmark.

This new release still has no release date, but is expected to arrive in the coming months. For some time WhatsApp allows the removal of messages that have already been written, but only the phone from which they are being deleted, not the phone of the receiver.

Ivanka Trump plans to attend a women's summit in Berlin in April

Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of US President Donald Trump, plans to attend a summit on women's economic empowerment to be held in Berlin at the end of April.

The Washington Post, with information provided under anonymity by a senior government official, revealed Ivanka Trump's travel plans on Sunday night and later confirmed them in her official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

"Wishing to promote the role of women in the economy and the future of our workforce worldwide # W20," wrote the daughter of the American president.

The W20 summit, promoted within the G20 bloc, will be held in Berlin from 24 to 26 April and will be attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to its organizers.

According to The Washington Post, it was Merkel who invited Ivanka Trump to attend that summit during her recent visit to the White House to meet with her US counterpart.

Merkel and Ivanka Trump spent time together during the Chancellor's visit to the White House and Trump's daughter helped organize a meeting of US and German entrepreneurs on vocational training.

If Ivanka Trump's trip to the W20 summit is confirmed, she will be the first officer to perform the President's daughter abroad on behalf of the US Government.

Last week, Ivanka Trump was known to have an office in the West Wing of the White House, with permission to access sensitive information and government communication devices, according to her lawyer, Jamie Gorelick.

In order not to violate nepotism laws, Ivanka Trump will not receive a salary or a formal position within the White House, but will advise her father on all sorts of issues.

Ivanka Trump's husband, Jared Kushner, has been one of the prime advisers to the president since coming to power.